Monday, January 17, 2005

All is lost. No more fireflies in Bukit Kiara

Another day at Bukit Kiara.
If you are stay around Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), You can't miss Bukit Kiara. Most of the time, I alway refer the hill as "the hill next to the TTDI IBM plaza".

I use to be Bukit Kiara "walker". It help me shakes of the extra weight, not to forget the extra bonus *SYL sighting. If you happen to be a frequent evening visitor of Bukit Kiara, you will get some extra bonus beside the SYL and monkey : the fireflies.

Yes, fireflies in Bukit Kiara, this is not a typo! They are not as much as what you see in Sekinchang. Indeed, it is rare for Klang Valley to have such convenience sighting of fireflies. Klang Gate dam might have some firefly too but is never as convenient. My last visit to Bukit Kiara is around October 2004, before the Kuala Lumpur municipal council done some "renovation cum beutifaction works".

When I visit the common fireflies sighting place, to my shocking, the glass is chopped off due to some stupid "cleaning works" while plastic bag is everywhere. Oh shit, the fireflies need a clean but a moist environment to breed. Without those glass, the female fireflies can easily dried out due to lack of moist. And thank to the clearing works that destroy the habitate, I don't see a single blink even I stay till 8pm.

Do not feed the monkey

Have fun with the mimosa. This is the TREE version of mimosa. It can growth as high as 2 meters.

It the leaves "shy" when you touch it.

1. *SYL : Sweet Young Lady. Abbreviation borrow from the doc blog.

2. Mimosa leaves automatically close/shy away at night.


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